Thursday, 8 October 2009


pure coincidence! i was doing the pink paper project and messing with barcode.
then my girlfriend pointed out at the barcoded google logo----it was actually the 57th anniversary of the invention of the barcode yesterday 07/10/09. there you go. you learn something new everyday!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

graphic designer vs client

the power of time off


Discovered Daniel Eatock last night and immediately became a fan of his work.
[and yes, i know he did the big brother logo.]
i would like to hereby quote his manifesto as the first entry. 
and hopefully i will, as Carly said, "live well, laugh often, love much".


Begin with ideas
Embrace chance
Celebrate coincidence
Ad-lib and make things up
Eliminate superfluous elements
Subvert expectation
Make something difficult look easy
Be first or last
Believe complex ideas can produce simple things
Trust the process
Allow concepts to determine form
Reduce material and production to their essence
Sustain the integrity of an idea
Propose honesty as a solution